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11 Mar 2019 10:12 AM | Silvia G. (Administrator)



Cuban, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan communities request from President Trump implementation of sanctions against Communist Regime in Cuba

Miami, Florida. March 11, 2019- Assembly of the Cuban Resistance-Leaders of the Cuban, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan communities met today at the historic Bay of Pigs Monument at SW 8 st and 13 Avenue in Miami to request full implementation of Titles III and IV of the Cuban Libertad Act.
Titles III and IV of the Libertad Act, also known as the Helms-Burton Bill would allow victims of the illegal confiscations of commercial property by the Castro Regime to sue companies that invest in them.
Leaders of the three communities, organized by the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, issued a public letter to President Trump at the event, where they requested application of the sanctions in order to more effectively support the freedom struggles in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. 

March 7, 2019

Donald J. Trump

President of the United States of America

The White House

Washington, DC

Dear Mister President:

The Cuban exile community, coalesced in the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, together with resistance organizations inside Cuba, congratulates you on your decision to partially implement Title III of the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act.

Your strong leadership and political courage to challenge the rogue totalitarian regime prevailing in Cuba is an encouraging sign that under your administration, Cuba will not be forgotten or sacrificed. The brave veterans of Brigade 2506 and of the Cuban Resistance know all too well what abandonment by a US administration entails, as occurred at the Battle of the Bay of Pigs almost 58 year ago. 

April 17, the day when implementation of Title III and IV could begin, marks the anniversary of that catastrophic reversal in US policy which condemned the Cuban people to live in tyranny for almost six decades, and the rest of the Hemisphere to suffer from the aggression and even occupation of the Communist Regime based in Havana. 

Last year you reverted the ill-fated policies of the Obama administration and, today, we feel that the time for Cuban freedom is finally here. The Communist totalitarian regime is not just a tragedy for Cubans, but also an undermining influence of our democratic values in all Latin America.

We respectfully address you to request full implementation of the Cuban Liberty Act, which contains an intelligent and effective road map for the liberation of Cuba if it is fully implemented, which has not been the case for the past 23 years.  Title III and IV of the Cuban Liberty Act are a just and necessary means to respond to the illegal confiscation by the communist regime in Cuba of property legitimately owned by US citizens. Moreover, its full implementation sends a clear message of support for the Cuban people who, as recently as February 24 of this year, have resoundingly called out for freedom by massively refusing to cooperate with the fraudulent referendum imposed on them by the Castro family and the Communist Party in order to perpetuate their illegal and illegitimate rule.

Decisive sanctions such as these against the economy of the illegitimate Communist tyrants of Cuba will weaken the Castro Regime’s occupation of Venezuela and hasten the day of the liberation of Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and other countries in our Hemisphere.

We believe that, when fully implemented, Title III of the Cuban Liberty Act would bestow a heavy blow to the dictatorship and its ability to fund its repression and expand its base. We are also aware that some countries, “friends” of the US, will disagree with the measure, but they also disagreed when you removed the US from the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, when you canceled the Nuclear Pact with Iran and when you imposed heavy tariffs to China to correct unfair trade practices. The outcomes of all those measures demonstrated that you were right. That is vision and leadership.

Mr. President, we fully support you and encourage you to take the correct and necessary measures to restore to the Cuban people the right to select their political system and elect their leaders. Sixty years of oppression and poverty have been a terrible ordeal and Cuba deserves better.

We appreciate your leadership and efforts to help bring about freedom and democracy to Cuba, and peace, stability and security to our region.


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