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The tourism industry in Cuba controlled by the military.  The development of the policies of that industry is not inclusive of the view and interests of Cuban civil society.  The agenda is drafted and developed according to the specific needs and interests of the Cuban Communist military.  Said policy includes specific instance of race, labor, and gender-based discrimination and exploitation.  The military establishment allows these issues to proliferate by, among other steps, resisting reforms of long-term employment policies and clamping down on activists. One example is that black and female employees have fewer opportunities to get administrative jobs. On the other hand, these segments of the population are significantly affected by the commoditization of race exoticism and sexualization of women to promote tourism to Cuba. In contrast to the Cuban government, a significant percentage of the island’s population and scholars agree on the immediate need to tackle discrimination and inequality. >clickhere


Cuba, tourism, human rights violations, gender-based issues, prostitution, labor exploitation, Afro-Cubans, racism

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El Directorio Democrático Cubano es una de las principales organizaciones del exilio cubano en la lucha por la libertad y la democracia en Cuba.  La organización surgió en 1990 en un Congreso Internacional de Jóvenes Cubanos por una Cuba Libre, como expresión de compromiso y deber de una nueva generación del exilio cubano con la decisión de aportar a la recuperación de los derechos en Cuba>   EnlaceAqui

Represión contra Jóvenes artistas y activistas 


Directorio strives to keep a record of political prisoners in Cuba— common citizens who are detained, beaten, and imprisoned for demanding freedom and challenging the regime. This list represents just a fraction of the actual total number of political prisoners currently imprisoned in Cuba. 

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