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28 Jan 2019 8:24 AM | Silvia G. (Administrator)

Today, January 28, 2019, the organizations and activists who fight for the freedom of Cuba and are part of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance—based on the historic events that are taking place in Venezuela, Latin America, and the world as a result of the decisions made by the legitimate branches of the Venezuelan government with the support of the people in the streets— we declare the following:

(1) Our recognition and support for the government of Juan Guaidó as the legitimate representative of Venezuela.

(2) Our support for the administration of the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, who has spurred the unity of the free and democratic world to recognize the legitimate government of Venezuela.

(3) Our community feels proud of the Cuban-American lawmakers for showing solidarity to the fight of the Venezuelan people before the American Congress and Senate. 

(4) Our denunciation of the occupation of Venezuela by the totalitarian terrorist regime that holds power in Cuba and that has usurped and breached the sovereignty of Venezuela.

(5) Our calling for the creation of an international democratic coalition that is able to support Venezuelans and their legitimate government against the occupation of their territory by foreign powers, as the Castros; the Wagner Group’s Russian mercenaries, who have repressed the Ukrainian and Syrian populations; the terrorist Colombian guerrillas ELN and FARC; and Hezbollah, paramilitaries at the service of Iran.   

The freedom of Venezuela is the first step to put an end to the Axis of Evil that resides in Havana, with the subsequent liberation of the people oppressed by communism in Cuba and Venezuela. Therefore, we call on the people of Cuba, inside and outside the Island, to prepare themselves and get organized even more than they had before. We are at a decisive juncture in our long and heroic fight for freedom…

(1) We are convoking a great caravan in support of the freedom of Venezuela, in support of the Trump Administration for their leadership in favor of democracy in the Hemisphere, and to request the full implementation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, before the deadline, on March 2, 2019. The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance will release the date of this mobilization in the following days. We have to prove to the voters of South Florida that we uphold firm and decisive policies against Communist Totalitarianism in the region.

(2) We state that the liberation of Cuba is important to achieve the wellbeing of the Cuban population and for the development of freedom and democracy in Latin America. Cubans have fought relentlessly for 60 years against the Communist occupation of our country. We know that this fight is ours and we have never forsaken this duty. For this reason, the exiled community and our Assembly counts with a legion of martyrs and political prisoners. Hence, based on the authority bestowed upon this Assembly by the unyielding fight of the Cuban Resistance, we convene, on the anniversary of the birth of José Martí, the Congress of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance for the National Unity of the “All for a Free Cuba” Plan. This Congress will organize our fight for freedom to make it more effective in this critical year.  

(3) We support the decision of the Ladies in White and other members of the Resistance in Cuba to call on the Cuban population to boycott and protest against the electoral farce of the Communist dictatorship on February 24, 2019. We ask our people to abstain from participating as a form of rejection of that tyranny.

The enemy of the Cuban population, peace, democratic stability, and security in our Hemisphere is one: the Castro regime and those who have followed their model, dragging countries like Venezuela into a quagmire of totalitarianism, misery, and destruction.

Our fight is the fight for the freedom of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. In these critical moments, we are part of the same fight to dislodge the totalitarian plagues that besiege our nations.     

 Assembly of the Cuban Resistance
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