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10 Aug 2018 2:49 PM | Silvia G. (Administrator)

Miami, Florida- August 10, 2018- Assembly of the Cuban Resistance- Cuban exile organizations today proclaimed their support for activists inside the island campaigning to denounce the negative consequences cruising to Cuba inflicts on Cubans.

Young activists distributed videos on the pier of Cienfuegos that explain and denounce the support to the repressive military apparatus on the island, the exploitation of Cuban workers and the traffic in property stolen from their legitimate owners caused by cruises to Cuba from the United States. "Activists of the Opposition Movement Juventud Despierta distributed more than a hundred DVDs in front of the dock of Cienfuegos, where cruises arrive from Canada and other countries. These copies had content of various activities by human rights organizations inside and outside of Cuba, like the Cuban Democratic Directorate, which contained an intervention by Dr. Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat and a song by rapper Marichal", reports Yoel Bravo Lopez, President of the Opposition Youth Movement, from the city of Santa Clara, via facebook.

Likewise, José Díaz Silva, of the Opposition Movement for a New Republic, informed from Boyeros, in Havana, that "a group of activists gathered in support of the campaign against cruises to Cuba. For Cuba: freedom first and cruises later."

For its part, the Democratic Party November 30, Frank País, a national opposition organization in Cuba, announced that it was carrying out a series of meetings in different parts of the island to begin its campaign to denounce the cruise industries negative impact caused by cruises financially aiding Cuba's repressive regime.

The below photo shows party members in Camagüey supporting the campaign.


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