Castro Regime Increases Repression

02 Feb 2017 12:12 PM | Silvia G. (Administrator)

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Cuba- February 2nd, 2017 - Cuban Democratic Directorate. The Cuban Democratic Directorate denounces the escalation of repression that the Castro regime is carrying out in various parts of Cuba against Cuban resistance activists.


Holguín - Province:

Banes- The activist Alexander Rodríguez Santiesteban, coordinator of la Alianza Democrática Oriental (ADO) of this city, was arrested from January 27 until February 1, by Castro’s political police. The activist reports that he was threatened in the town of Antilles by the State Security official known as "Henry", with sending him back to prison if he continued with his human rights activities. In addition, he received a warning letter where he was accused of "public disorder", an accusation that the activist neither signed nor accepted. Alexander and his family were raided by members of the regime's repressive forces, with a search and seizure of documents on the day of their arrest, according to his wife, Estela Cruz, who reported this to fellow activist Rolando Rodríguez Lobaina, Director of Palenque Visión and member of ADO.


Holguin city - The Miranda Leyva family, human rights activists, were sanctioned by a Municipal Court of the eastern city of Holguín to a year of work in a correctional institution with internment, the siblings Anairis Miranda Leyva, Adairis Miranda Leyva and Fidel Manuel Batista Leyva were accused by the Castro regime with charges of "defamation of the martyrs of the country and public disorder" for allegedly leaving their house on November 27 of last year during a mandatory mourning curfew. The siblings appealed their case for a second hearing, with the intention of gaining their unconditional release or a commencing a hunger strike. Maydolis Leyva Portelles, a human rights activist and mother of Anairis, Adairis and Fidel Manuel, was sentenced to one year of house arrest. The family are human rights activists and members of the "Comando Olegario Charlot Spileta", associated with the Movimiento Cubano de Reflexión, in the city of Holguín.

Anairis and Adairis Miranda Leyva


Holguin-city. Dr. Eduardo Cardet, national coordinator of the Movimiento Cristiano de Liberación, a political prisoner, was declared a "prisoner of conscience" by Amnesty International, which has made an urgent request for his release. Dr. Cardet has been imprisoned in a Holguin prison since November 30.


Holguin city - Citizen Darío Pérez Rodríguez was sentenced to one year in prison for allegedly refusing to see Fidel Castro's funeral on television. He was charged with defamation of the martyrs of the fatherland".

Dario Pérez Rodríguez


Guantánamo- Province

Guantánamo city- The activist of the ADO and director of Palenque Visión, Anderlay Guerra Blanco, was detained from January 27 to 29 with the political police seizing his laptop, telephone, tape recorder, documents and money. At the moment, the activist faces a legal proceeding, next Thursday, February 2, according to a statement by Rolando Rodríguez Lobaina.


Santiago de Cuba

Palmarito de Cauto - Roberto Gonzalez Feria, coordinator of ADO in the province of Santiago, denounced on January 26 the arrest of seven ADO activists in Palmarito de Cauto, along with an activist from the Unión Patriótica de Cuba (UNPACU). Gonzalez Feria reports that the activists were participating in their weekly training meeting, when State Security broke into the house of Jose Amaury Abalenda where the meeting took place, arresting all and beating some. The arrested activists of ADO were: José Amaury Abalenda Herrezuelo who was detained for several days, Orestes Calzado González, Roiran Álvarez de Soley, Misleidys Gómez Pérez, Yidel Suarez Sainz, Boris Ramírez Leyva, Alexander Calzado González, and Rubén Torres González.



Havana-city – The Ladies in White report: "On Sunday, January 29, 2017, 76 Ladies of White took to the streets in different provinces of the country, with the objective of participating in the Sunday march, and in the campaign #TodosMarchamos for the freedom of political prisoners. 51 Ladies in White were arrested before Mass due to the strong operatives mounted in the neighborhoods of the churches of the provinces where there are delegations and in the houses of the Ladies in White. The National Headquarters of the Ladies in White has been besieged since January 28, with the aim of not letting them gather to appeal for their cause, and reduce the maximum participation of Ladies inside the headquarters. This is the 86thSunday of repression, beatings by the Department of State Security (DSE), against the Campaign #TodosMarchamos, of resistance and perseverance by Ladies in White and human rights activists on the island.”


Pinar del Rio

San Juan y Martínez - Human rights activist Luis Enrique Milián Columbié, a member of the Republican Party of Cuba, has been detained since last Saturday for allegedly demonstrating publicly against the Castro regime in the town of San Juan and Martínez, Act in memory of the birth of the Apostle José Martí. The activist shouted "Down Raúl Castro" and since then he has been arrested by the Castro regime in the "Technician" of this municipality of Pinar del Rio. Also arrested was human rights activist Richard Bué Hernandez for allegedly putting anti-government posters in the municipality mentioned above.


Villa Clara

Camajuaní- Local resident, Carlos Alberto González Rodríguez, was sentenced to two years in prison, for allegedly placing a sign saying "Down with Fidel," in the municipality of Camajuaní.


The Cuban Democratic Directorate denounces to human rights organizations, the press and the international community the increasing repression of the Castro regime against the Cuban people, especially against resistance activists on the island.





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