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Keith Richards wrote about his decision to boycott South Africa in his book titled, 'Life". In it he recalls bumping into fellow musician Gram Parsons in 1968. Parsons was planning to perform in South Africa but when confronted by the reality of the injustices going on at the time, Parsons joined Richards in boycotting South Africa.  In the 80's Richards was joined by fellow Rolling Stones member Ronnie Wood in the "Artists United to End Apartheid" campaign which produced the music video "Ain't Gonna Play Sun City".  The video and lyrics opened the eyes of the world to the atrocities going on in South Africa and played a major role in ending apartheid. People are also dying in Cuba and giving up hope, 11,000,000 cannot vote ... we ask the Rolling Stones to have 'Sympathy for the Cuban People" - Boycott the Cuban Regime. This performance would serve to further the aggressive image building campaign being waged by a ruthless dictatorship whose military run companies will financially benefit from each and every dollar pouring in -  It's time to say...I...I ...I...Ain't Gonna Play Havana and let the world know why...


Associated Press | Rolling Stones in Cuba Announcement - March 2, 2016 
The Associated Press (AP) is an American multinational news agency headquartered in New York. News information originating from AP is received by worldwide media. One has just to read the story that was released by AP on the Rolling Stones announcement to understand the gravity of these events, the role they play in a campaign to try to change the perception of Castro's Regime while they in turn do absolutely nothing to change.  Within this particular "big story" AP news feed are statements such as:

  • "The concert is expected to draw a massive audience in a country where the government once persecuted young people for listening to rock music." - AP
    -The Castro Regime still to this day persecutes Cubans for listening to or performing music they deem as  anti-regime. 
  • "the Cuban government has increasingly allowed large gatherings not organized by the state in recent years." -AP
    -Large gatherings not organized by the state are not permitted in Cuba, just as #todosmarchamos - Ladies in White 
  • "On the same week as the visits by Obama and The Rolling Stones, the Tampa Bay Rays are expected to play the first Major League Baseball exhibition game in Cuba since 1999, part of an extraordinary string of events in a country that spent the Cold War isolated from the United States and its allies._ AP
    Isolated? Has the reporter checked tourism figures in Cuba during the past couple of decades? No mention in this article as to the extreme measures the Regime goes through to isolate the Cuban people, why not mention that Cubans are required by law to carry an ID card and are prevented from visiting areas outside of their indicated province - talk about "isolation"....
Please read the AP announcement for yourself, see how these "events" are used to influence public opinion.  With AP feeding so many news medias, a piece like this can really hurt the brave men and women calling for human rights in Cuba. This is not supposed to be an op-ed piece  click here 

How About Ain't Gonna Play Havana?

Back in 1985, Stones guitarists Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood proudly joined Artists United Against Apartheid and played on the ad-hoc music group’s anti-apartheid anthem titled "Sun-City"

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October 6, 2015
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Humberto Fontova is the author of four books including:  The Longest Romance: The Mainstream Media and Fidel Castro, Fidel: Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant and Exposing the Real Che Guevara >Click Here


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