Mother of Two, Jaqueline Heredia Morales

  • 4/21/17 Speaks with Berta Soler - Jaqueline confirms that she had entered prison as a patient of HIV with a count of 750. She had been denied HIV medication and her cell count dropped to 200, making it a case of AIDS. Jaqueline is still being kept in isolation being told that she has tuberculosis. At this time, Jaqueline is not certain whether she still has TB or if it is an excuse to keep her isolated. Jaqueline states that she now requires surgery as a result of the repression suffered during her arrest. She was in pain being that a previous operation had been compromised and was refused medical help. Now she has been advised that surgery is required with general anthesia - she is fearful.
  • 3/14/17 Marti Noticias
  • 2/6/17  Marti Noticias
  • 2/6/17 Recorded Interview


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