"El arte tiene que hacerse con valor...los artistas tienen una responsabilidad con la gente, porque es la gente la que le dan la energía a los artistas.  Es importante ser responsables con esa energía". Danilo Maldonado - El Sexto

“Art has to be done with bravery...Artists have a responsibility to people, because people give artists energy. And it is important to be responsible with that energy." 
Danilo Maldonado -  El Sexto

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Art exists to open people’s eyes.”

Yahoo Makers spoke to Machado about the challenges of doing the work he loves. “Art can move your insides and even remove the blinders from situations; art exists to open people’s eyes and can often educate,” the artist told Yahoo Makers from Miami via a translator. The artist recently decamped to the U.S. to recover from a 10-month stint in prisonthat ended on Oct. 20, for attempting to release two pigs painted with the names of Raúl and Fidel Castroin a public park as an art piece. (The pigs are represented here, in his drawing completed while imprisoned.) He was detained but never charged, a “prisoner of conscience,” as international human rights advocates called him.

Danilo Maldonado Machado, known as El Sexto (The Sixth), born April 1, 1983, is a Cuban graffiti  artist and human rights activist who has been arrested and imprisoned several times by the Castro regime. His graffiti are a form of protest, criticizing the abuse of the Cuban people at the hands of the Castro regime, and he is “frequently detained by the police under any pretext.”  He has been called “a graffiti artist who does not forgive the Cuban regime.”  A report in April 2015 stated that he was, at that time, “the most persecuted of Cuban artists.”


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