The Death of Carlos Fernández Gondín

01 Feb 2017 9:51 AM | Silvia G. (Administrator)

 by: Dr. Orlando Gutiérrez-Boronat

The death of Carlos Fernández Gondín is quite possibly of greater importance for post-Castroism than the death of Fidel Castro itself. You might ask yourself, why we would make such an assertion. Undoubtedly, Fidel Castro was the obsolete symbol of a cruel social experiment, which failed miserably. However, Carlos Fernández Gondín was the gray eminence representative of the continuity of the repressive strategies laid out by the original heads of the tyranny. In order to achieve the level of fear inspired by Gondín within the Regime, the next line of officials of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) and the Ministry of the Armed Forces (MINFAR) will need to decide whether to continue down a path of endless crimes against humanity.

Gondín directed or supervised some of the most repressive crimes of Castro’s tyranny, making him a figure greatly feared by the rank and file of the MINFAR and MININT.  These heinous crimes included    

  • Massacre of the survivors of a small guerilla group led by the     legendary rebel commander Vicente Méndez
  • Torture and execution of young FAR officials conspiring against the Castro Regime in the early 70’s
  • Execution of General Arnaldo T. Ochoa Sánchez and other MINFAR and MININT officers in order to cover up Castros’ drug smuggling operations
  • Sinking of the March 13 tugboat which killed 37 innocent men, women and children
  • Persecution and repression against Cubans seeking freedom in Cuba

In this capacity, Gondín also played an important role in the Castroite operative vanguard that paved the way for military intervention in Angola in support of the brutal MPLA.  He also conceptualized and coordinated the deadly 2014 attacks in Venezuela against the student uprising.

According to a high-ranking official of the FAR who broke with the tyranny, Gondín was part of the essential “knot of power.…” The knot of power made up of a tiny nucleus of men named Fidel and Raúl Castro, Ramiro Valdés, José Ramón Machado Ventura, Abelardo Colomé Ibarra…and Carlos Fernández Gondín.  This is the nucleus responsible for a litany of disastrous decisions which have led Cuba into a demographic catastrophe fueled by a social, economic, and moral crisis.

Gondín, a man of absolute and unwavering loyalty to Fidel and Raúl Castro, was one of the regime’s characters most directly linked to crimes against humanity. He was a pillar of the repressive strategies that have contributed up to now to the longevity of Castroism.

Gondín’s physical absence makes clearer than ever the dilemma facing the new generations of capable men and women within the rank and file of the tyranny.

Nature itself appears to be sweeping off the face of the Cuban nation this throng of criminals. The new generation of leaders of the Regime must ask: Do we want a Cuba that continues to follow the suicidal path paved with destruction, disunion, and death to which this monstrous nucleus of men have condemned it to?

Will the new generation of Cuban professionals repeat crimes like thoe of Gondín and his co-conspirators, or will they instead work from where they are to change the course of Cuba’s destiny towards one of human rights, restoration of liberties, and the reconciliation of all Cubans, so that  a new and prosperous republic will rise?

I know this is an urgent decision, the state of the country is grave: the economy collapsing, Venezuela can take no more; a new administration is in power in the United States, and above it all, the Resistance inside and outside Cuba finds itself with more energy than ever in its desire to achieve a free Cuba.

Yes, the legacy of Gondín speaks of repression, of crushing Cuban liberation efforts, and similarly it serves as evidence that the desire and effort by Cubans for freedom has been incessant and have been and have required the Regime's constant repression. Will the new generation of young Cuban officers truly want to perpetuate the frantic struggle between Cubans, a struggle that has cost Cuba decades of mourning and stagnation? Will they swallow the bitter pill of just one family and one party pretending to keep the country in a coma?

Castroism will die; it will die, become dust and disappear leaving Cuba in ruins…Can anyone who truly loves their country want to perpetuate such infamy?


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