Ain't Gonna Play Havana?

29 Jan 2016 5:38 PM | Silvia G. (Administrator)

Katy Perry  in Cuba with Raul Castro's daughter

Funny thing, I was just thinking about the way the artistic &entertainment industry has approached Cuba as compared to the way it handled apartheid in the 80's. As a Cuban American growing up in Miami,  I identified with the "Ain't Gonna Play Sun City" campaign. "Artists United Against Apartheid" ... Artists filled with such indignity at blatant repression coming together in firm solidarity - demanding change before playing where millions were suffering...Even though this video was released decades before the power of the internet, the influence that Artists have was felt loud and clear. 

Sadly, Artists have had a totally different approach when it comes to Cuba. There is absolutely no shame in "playing" there, meanwhile...

Those famous lyrics song with such conviction in the 80's...

"It's time for some justice, it's time for some truth, separation of families, 11 million can't vote, constructive engagement is (Obama's Plan), meanwhile people are dying and giving up hope, this quiet diplomacy is nothing but a joke, It's time to accept our responsibility, freedom is a privilege, nobody rides for free, look around the world baby, it cannot be denied..."

Won't someone please tell us why Artists are now on the wrong side?



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