Join us in supporting justice for the victims of Castro's regime and liberty for Cuba...Visit the Justice Cuba section (below) for the latest on this historic International Commission seeking an international tribunal for crimes against humanity...December 10th is International Human Rights Day...

Llego La Hora | The Time Has Come

Desde su comienzo en 1990, el trabajo base del Directorio se ha caracterizado por una estrategia de lucha coherente y consistente a favor de la libertad y democracia para Cuba.

Since its inception in 1990, the core work of Directorio is characterized by a strategic and consistent struggle for liberty and democracy in Cuba.

CUBA: Farsa Electoral  | Fake Change

JusticeCuba | Justicia Cuba

Seeking Justice-International Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes Against Humanity of the Castro Regime "JusticeCuba" were denied entrance at the Cuban Consulate in Washington prior to conducting second round of public hearings >More

Directorio Momentos | Moments 

Presos Politicos | Political Prisoners

Directorio submitted a list March 2016,  immediately following the challenge by Dictator Raul Castro to produce a list of political prisoners and they would be "immediately released".  It is no surprise how easily this ruthless dictator can boldly make a challenge which he has no intention of ever keeping.

Inspired by Gandhi's "Seven Social Sins", Directorio presents profiles of current Cuban political prisoners. We ask that you join us in spreading this awareness campaign which puts a face to those brave men and women suffering in Cuba for simply yearning to be free. Please use link and share these profiles of Cuban Political Prisoners on your social media platforms  >Link Here

       2017   Premio Pedro Luis Boitel                                                                         U.S. Embassy Sonic Attacks
          Yanet Pérez Quevedo                                                                                                                          

Yanet Pérez Quevedo Click Here

U.S. Embassy Sonic Attacks Click Here

Redes Sociales | Social Media

           Radio República Listeners in Cuba  >click

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