Directorio democratico cubano -est. 1990- The cuban democratic directorate

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The Cuban Democratic Directorate is a nongovernmental organization that supports the human rights movement in Cuba. Directorio's aims are to support for freedom, democracy and human rights in Cuba by way of nonviolent civic struggle.

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political prisoners

Directorio strives to keep a record of political prisoners in Cuba— common citizens who are detained, beaten, and imprisoned for demanding freedom and challenging the regime.

These individuals are peaceful people who are exercising practices universally accepted as human rights (freedom of speech, freedom of expression, etc). This list does not constitute a full account. The details of every prisoner’s detainment cannot be reported given the extreme level of oppression that exists in the island. By learning their names and sharing their stories, we are committing to demanding freedom and justice for these political prisoners, along with the countless others whose names we may never know.

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